New Energy Healing and
Multi-Dimensional Balancing Facilitator
Reiki Master Teacher

Many modalities of Energy  exist that can be accessed to bring about harmony and integration within the body.  Examples of this recognized Universal life force Energy are New Energy Healing, Multi-Dimensional Balancing, Reiki, Healing Touch and Therapeutic Touch.   All are effective in the release of restricted energies and old beliefs, allowing us to expand our potential from a base of authenticity rather than from fear.

Working with individuals during the past eight years using the New Energy Healing, Linda has witnessed positive shifts on many different levels to help bring the individual towards wholeness.  This work has resulted in an awareness of information pertinent to the individual that ultimately brings one closer to understanding their own source.

What does a New Energy Healing session feel like?

You will be lying fully clothed on a massage table for approximately 60 minutes, while enjoying relaxing music.  The Practitioner's hands transfer the Healing Energy to you by allowing the Energy to flow freely and powerfully facilitating healing.  Energetic vibrations increase and blockages clear.  People have experienced warmth in the area being worked on, visualization of beautiful colors, sensation of an insight or inspiration, feeling comfortable, refreshed, and rejuvenated and stress-free.  Some people experience a reduction in pain.

What can an Energy Healing session do?

All of the Energy Modalities  are gentle non-invasive forms of Massage Therapy.  Whatever manifests itself physically is also a symptom of disorder on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  The Energy harmonizes and adjusts itself according to the recipient's need and heals by flowing through the affected parts of the body and charging them with positive energy.

The Energy Healing works along with everything else you are doing to keep your body, mind and spirit happy and healthy.  It provides a strong base of light and love that supports self healing.

Linda Vopat facilitates whatever Energy modality is appropriate for you. 

Please schedule your appointment and experience this Healing Energy for yourself!

Appointments with Linda may be booked through Susan Perry Skin Care . . . Call 508.746.0220

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