Skin Care Services & Treatments

Authentic Susan Perry Facial    Our flagship service!  Several awards and years later, it is still the most comprehensive, relaxing and effective facial available.  This treatment includes exfoliation, aromatherapy, massage, steam, deep pore cleansing,  balancing ampoule and mask. Completely customized for the needs of your skin type and present condition!   Relaxation is further enhanced with a gentle hand massage.  80 min. -  $ 110. 

Junior Facials for teens. Teens will be instructed as to proper home care while being manually cleansed and hydrated through the customary steps of our award-winning facial process. After even a single visit, a teen's skin will be clearer and his or her confidence lifted.-  50 min.  -  $ 70.  

Seventy Minute Facial   For those who are a little more pressed for time, this facial offers a stepped-up pace with maximum benefits.  Your facial is custom-designed for your skin type and present needs.    70 min. - $ 100

Mini Facial    We recommend this facial when time is of the essence!  Enjoy the benefits of this treatment regardless of your skin type.  Oily skin receives deep pore cleansing and exfoliation, while dryer and more sensitive skin receives necessary hydrating, and anti-inflammatory ingredients.  Your facial is custom-made so that you receive the maximum results possible in this mini time frame.   50 min.  -  $ 90.

Specialty Facial    This is a more specific and intensive facial. It may include: Collagen Mask, Grape Wine Chemical Peel, Pigmentation Correction, Firming Anti-Oxidant Anti-aging, Oxygen System and Mask, or TriPeptide Facial. A highly trained esthetician will advise you based on your skin type and overall condition.     $ 135.

Gentleman's Comfort Zone Facial    This facial improves skin quality and restores a youthful appearance.  Men need emphasis on exfoliation and deep pore cleansing to clear the way for a perfect shave time after time.  Eliminates irritation, redness, raised bumps and ingrown hairs.  70 min.  -  $ 100.

Collagen Blanket     $ 45

Glycolic, Lactic and Grapewine Treatments    Mild, safe natural acid peels which reveal fresh new skin, encourage cellular regeneration and diminishe fine lines.     $ 45 each.  (a series of six may be recommended)

Parafango Anti-Cellulite Treatment     Get a bikini-beautiful bod!   Detoxifying body wrap slims, tightens and reduces that cellulite, muffin-top to ankles! Includes a smoothing-on of special serums, followed by warm paraffin and nourishing, mineral-rich sea algae. Leaves you slim, trim and smooth.  Best results with series of three treatments. You may combine this treatment with a massage - ultimate relaxation while healthing-up and slimming down!    Regularly $ 135, Special Price $135

Citrus Moisturizing Body Polish     A gentle apricot seed exfoliate removes dead skin and stimulates circulation, while the nourishing botanicals of safflower seed, lavender, geranium, chamomile and soapwort relieve stress and calm your body.  Feel yourself slip into a deeper state of relaxation when moist, heated towels are applied to remove the leftover residue.  A deep moisturizing body butter is then applied, replenishing vital oils and nutrients needed to repair any sun damage to your skin.  Your skin will look younger, healthier and have a radiant glow, revealing the "New You"!    one hour     $ 105

Back Facial    50 min    $85

Hand Treatments       $ 35.  


Written by Susan C. Perry, a licensed esthetician and registered electrologist who has worked in the health and beauty industry for over 25 years.  Additional edits by Pat Baker. © 2016 Susan offers these treatments at her Plymouth day spa.