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In-house Injection Treatments are back!  Please call 508.746.0220 for more information, and to book!

Susan Perry Skin Care is proud to offer laser treatments of the safest, most effective and highest quality.  Gentle, non-invasive laser technology is an excellent way to tighten and firm skin, fade freckles, sun and age spots, diminish spider veins and improve overall skin quality and texture. More about laser here.    


About injection treatments . . .

Generally speaking, injectables  help achieve a more rested,
relaxed, healthier and softer appearance.

What happens?  As we age, our skin loses elasticity and some of the underlying natural padding which keeps us smooth and wrinkle-free.  Additionally, years of stress can contribute to the formation of permanent lines and creases.  "Permanent"?  Well . . . we can help!  The beauty of Botox® Cosmetic and Juvéderm® treatments is that their effects, when done properly, are so natural-looking that no one
will notice you've "had anything done".  In just one session, those lines relax and creases smooth, restoring your most natural beauty.  

"Will I still be able to smile?"  Yes!  While you will see a marked improvement in your appearance, the expertise of your practitioner  ensures you will not lose facial animation.   In fact, you may smile more than ever!   Studies show the overwhelming majority of people who have received Botox® Cosmetic or Juvéderm® treatments are satisfied with their results. 

Who has this done?  Men and women of all skin types and ethnicities, ages and income levels have realized that injectable treatments can help preserve their skin's appearance, as well as reverse signs of age.  And because Botox® Cosmetic and Juvéderm®  work beneath the skin, they do not affect skin color. 


All about Laser . . .

What is laser technology?    Our laser technology is a gentle, non-invasive system which uses light and radio frequency to allow the practitioner to precisely and safely target the skin.  There is no down-time after treatment, and most patients return immediately to normal activities.

What is possible with laser treatments?     There are two areas of concern which can be helped through laser skin treatments.   First, our Skin Tightening Procedure reduces wrinkles, tightens and tones skin, stimulates collagen production and helps smooth jowls, jaw line and neck. 

Second, our Skin Rejuvenation Treatment improves skin texture and appearance, and evens out coloring by reducing brown spots (freckles, solar scars or age spots), broken capillaries, small spider veins, rosacea and blotchiness.

In addition, both skin laser treatments truly improve skin quality and create a beautiful, healthy glow.  Ask why it's a good idea to schedule both types of treatment during the same appointment!

Who is a candidate?     Men and women of all skin types who wish to enhance their appearance.  This can also include acne and rosacea sufferers and those with sensitive or sun-damaged skin.

How does it work?     With either procedure, the precision of the laser heat treatment immediately begins a process.  Over the next few weeks, your skin continues to improve as a result of this expertly applied stimulation.  Results are permanent; improvement will remain and is subject only to your natural continuing aging process.   It's truly like turning back the clock!   Your aesthetic practitioner will help you determine how many treatments are right for you.

Does it hurt?   The treatment consists of a series of short pulses.  Each is so quick that it is over before you notice, and comfort is further enhanced by cooling of the skin's surface during treatment.  There is no complicated aftercare, only sunscreen and moisturizer application, and avoidance of any vigorous washing or massage for a few days.

How many treatments will I need?     This is an amazingly effective process, and most people show immediate improvement.   Further treatments build on this.   The total number of required treatments (generally between one and five) depends on your skin's condition.  Call to schedule a free consultation, or to ask any further questions you may have.  

Isn't it very expensive?    You will find that at Susan Perry Skin Care Day Spa, our commitment to your well-being does not stop at your skin.   Our pricing is reasonable, and far less than most metropolitan day spas.  For Skin Tightening treatments, we also offer increasing discounts for each consecutive treatment.  Everyone's individual budgets are always considered and respected.  We look forward to helping you look your very best comfortably, confidentially, and with a warm welcome.  Please call for your complimentary consultation!

We also offer laser hair removal.  Please refer to our Laser Hair Removal page for more information.


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