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You, the bride-to-be, and members of your wedding party may be considering having your makeup professionally selected and applied for your wedding.  Why is this important?  For this most special day in your life, you've thought out and planned every detail.  You've picked out a beautiful dress and hired a photographer; both major expenses.  Investing a small amount of time and money in your makeup will pay for itself ten times over.   Let us explain why . . .


Your guests will be viewing you in a large area, and at a distance.  Your facial features will appear diminished without the right makeup accents.  Often times brides appear "lost" in their beautiful gowns, with little attention being drawn to the face.  The correct makeup application will offset the effect of this "blank canvas" look. 

Also, your wedding pictures will look so much lovelier!  Imagine your photos coming back and your face is too shiny . . .  your blush is too bright . . . your lipstick too pale . . . or your face is a shade off from your neck.  These are all common occurrences when makeup is improperly applied.

At Susan Perry Skin Care, we take 45 minutes to one hour to apply your wedding makeup.  We coordinate the time of this application with the time you are needed for your first photos before the wedding.   Ask us about our pre-wedding day makeup color selection appointments.  Think of it as a final, relaxing, pampered moment before all the excitement begins!   And yes, our makeup artists can travel to you (subject to availability).

Your makeup will stay fresh and last throughout your special day, and it will be one less thing you'll have to worry about.  And you'll have learned how to continue your beautiful look through the honeymoon, and beyond!

Who else might want to take advantage of these final touches?  

  • Your wedding party

  • Mothers of the bride and groom

  • Friends and family

Looking for a creative wedding photographer?
Try our friends at
The Mirrored Image


  • Weekday .................................$ 75

  • Sunday .....................................100

  • Pre-Wedding (Bride Only) ......75

 And for the groom . . . 

What better pre-wedding gift could you
give your future husband than a relaxing
full-hour massage?  He'll feel peaceful
and refreshed, and he'll appreciate
your thoughtfulness.

bridal dress photographed by The Mirrored Image

. . . and your attendants:

        Massages and Facials make
        super gifts . . . why not call to make arrangements, or
        give Gift Cards?   


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